Accessibility must be more than an add-on to online pedagogy

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According to the author, as more people with disabilities enrol in online post secondary education programs it is time to ensure that these programs are fully accessible.

It is believed that 1.3 million people enrol in on-line courses each session.

As well we are seeing an increase in those with disabilities taking on teaching roles which underlines the importance of ensuring that teaching and learning incorporate accessible aids.

The author believes that we need to recognize and counter the ableism that surrounds our delivery of online courses.

‘Normal learners’ are the standard and other learners are considered unsuccessful.

We need to make content available that all students can access ....not just to those who do not have a disability.

It is important that institutions not ‘cash in’ on stories of how those with disabilities have overcome their disability because that simply furthers an ableist agenda. Source.

Posted 29 weeks ago
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