Affordable and Inclusive Housing Needs in Ottawa-Orleans

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Raising Awareness about Affordable and Inclusive Housing Needs in Ottawa-Orleans

Affordable and Inclusive Housing Needs in Ottawa-Orleans

Good afternoon,

Over the last year, Gisèle Doyle has been attending developer's proposal meetings, and canvassing current Councillors and candidates about the need for inclusive and affordable living for people with intellectual disabilities.  To date, Gisèle has received requests to meet from some of them. In parallel, Serge Lavoie has reached out to other potential supporters (city staff, community organisations, developers) to explore other housing solutions in Orléans. With that in mind, Gisèle and Serge concluded that we need to get as many families together to define the respective needs and expectations for our loved ones bearing in mind that individual family needs are rarely the same and that elected officials need to be more aware of our needs.
It's election time, and we have 24 candidates running in Orléans/Cumberland and we think that this is a good time to raise awareness about the Housing Needs for persons with developmental disabilities before the new Ottawa municipal council decides the total number of affordable housing units to be included in residential developments under the new provincial Regulations after the October 22ndmunicipal elections.

Consequently, we would organise an all candidates meeting together with you, family members, before the end of September. The purpose of this event would be to present our case for affordable housing for persons labelled with an intellectual handicap and provide an opportunity for discussion with the candidates.

Prior to this meeting, we hope that we could meet with a group of parents soon after Labour Day to identify the various type of housing that you would like to see built in the Orléans area to meet the needs of our loved ones as well as define the contents of our presentation. Please indicate, your preferred date for a parent meeting from the following:

  1. Wednesday, September 5th at 7:00 pm;
  2. Thursday, September 6th at 7:00 pm; or
  3. Monday, September 10th at 7:00 pm.

If you are interested in attending, please e-mail Gisèle and Serge by next Friday (August 24th), to ensure we book an appropriately sized room and set a date that is most convenient for those interested in participating in the preparatory meeting.
Thank you,

Gisèle Doyle, Parent
Serge Lavoie, Parent 
and Director of the CFFO Project "Moving to a Place of My Own"

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Posted 29 weeks ago
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