Visually-impaired, Diane Bergeron is an Ironman

Diane Bergeron is a visually impaired athlete from Ottawa, who recently completed the 125k ultra marathon Canadian Death Race as part of a first ever visually impaired relay team.  

Diane started running in 2009 and since then has competed in half and full triathlons and an Ironman competition.

As a blind person, Diane trains inside, doing spin, treadmill and pool workouts.

She works with a trainer from Fitness Dynamics over Skype and is connected with Achilles, an Ottawa group that supports para triathletes.

Guides provide support and allow Diane and other visually impaired athletes to participate and achieve their goals.

Diane is “not a gold medalist or a pro”....she’s “just doing something” (she) “loves”. Source.

Posted 29 weeks ago
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